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CREATIVE4 festival is coming soon!

CREATE4 is a large-scale festival that brings together the most talented and ambitious representatives of various creative industries in one place. Here you will find a sea of opportunities for development, exchange of experience and creation of new creative and neural connections.

At the CREATE4 festival you can dive into a world of workshops, exhibitions, intriguing discussions and learn many inspiring stories from the speakers. It's a place where creative ideas become reality and the potential of every participant finds expression.

Whatever your creative direction - be it art, film, music, design, technology or anything else - at CREATE4 you will find your place and the opportunity to unlock your potential. This is the place where "TIME IS NOW" to realize your boldest ideas and start a new creative journey

Create4 Creative Industries Festival is a unique large-scale platform to support the development of creative economy of the country and the whole community of creators and innovators, initiated by UNDP in Kyrgyzstan @undpkg and Creative Industries Association @creative.kyrgyzstan in 2022.

Announcement of all events, the program will be held on the pages of ACI, Festival CREATE4) and UNDP in Kyrgyzstan in instagram, as well as on the pages of the event organizers in social networks.
Also keep an eye on the festival's website at create4.co.